I Went to Mecca Without Breaking the Rules…

I Went to Mecca Without Breaking the Rules…

Etawah: Important Center for the Revolt of 1857, BUT NOW FORGOTTEN

What an irony that the SPELLING of the starting point of Revolt of 1857 is still unchanged! ITAWA (the way it’s spelled in HINDI) was wrongly spelt by the Brits as Etawah just like their peculiar spellings of Munghyr (Munger in Bihar) and Cawnpore (today’s Kanpur). Alas, no one cared for this small town from where Sepoy Mutiny began and escalated into India’s first war of independence.

Ghaziabad – The Gateway of UP

Though in UP, Ghaziabad is very much a part of Delhi. In fact, it’s in the ambit of NCR. So naturally, it’s the gateway of UP.

Aligarh – City of Education and Etiquette

The very name Aligarh evokes beautiful memories and images of AMU (Aligarh Muslim University), its famous lock industry (Aligarh ke taale) and also its adab (cultured and refined behaviour). In fact, it’s perhaps Aligarh where one finds the last vestiges of proverbial Muslim nafasat (style and tenderness in manners). Even once famed Lakhanavi adab is on the wane.

Mumbai – Where Dreams Come True

‘Certain cities have an aura that can’t be specifically described or pinpointed. Bombay is one of them. The city can make or mar you but mercifully it often makes you.

Las Vegas: A Real Place for Punters & Bachelors to Visit in Winter

Planning for a bachelor’s trip for unlimited punting and fun? Well, Las Vegas is one of the places to visit in the winter months fulfilling such desires at the utmost.