Fasting in America’s ONLY Muslim Town (Ramadan)

Fasting in America's ONLY Muslim Town (Ramadan)

Reflections of Travel to the Atlantic Islands

This article offers reflections and insights of travel to the Atlantic Islands of the Bahamas, Bermuda, Greenland, Iceland, the Canary Islands, and Madeira after a four-decade career as a Certified Travel Agent and international airline employee. It discusses the highlights of each destination.

Reflections of Travel to the United States

This article offers reflections on extensive travel to the US after a four-decade Certified Travel Agent and international airline career. It offers sightseeing highlights in every state, from New York to Hawaii.

Reflections of Travel to Mexico

This article offers reflections of travel to Mexico after a four-decade Travel Agent and international airline career. Its discusses the significant sights from its east to its west coast, from Cozumel to the Mexican Riviera.

5 Things You Must Do In Naples, Italy

Travelers who tell you that there’s not much to see or do in Naples are mistaken. But they’re so wrong. The city is an underrated gem. Discover the five things you must do in Naples.

7 Places You Really Need to Check While in Las Vegas

“Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign It is easy to see why the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is considered among the most popular city attractions. This sign, which had been seen along Las Vegas Boulevard since 1959, comes after Mandalay Bay as well as the Little Church of the West at the southern tip of the Strip. This must-see sign, which is a great spot to take a selfie, was designed by Betty Willis, a late local artist.