American JEW Goes to MEDINA (Saudi Arabia)

American JEW Goes to MEDINA (Saudi Arabia)

Kashi Vishvanath Temple

Truly a magnificent and very old place of worship for Hindus. It’s in Varanasi (the oldest existing place in the world) or Kashi in UP. The history of this temple is chequered.

Omkareshwar Temple – 4th Jyotirlinga

Situated in the Khandwa district in MP, Omkareshwar temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. As I’ve been reiterating that other common pieces of information are easily available on Wikipedia, it’s a matter of interest for the readers and pilgrims if an extra dose of interesting facts are added to the already available legend(s) of Omkareshwar. The great traveller Rahul Sankrityayan called Omkareshwar the most important among all 12 Jyotirlingas, though comparisons in religious matters are often debatable as well as odious.

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Cast your eyes over Tauranga! One of New Zealand’s most popular cities. Explore with joy and wonder as you discover all the wonderful attractions and activities within Tauranga.

Your Handy-Guide to an Immersive London Experience

London consists of two distinct experiences, and if you’re not careful you may not encounter them. This guide talks about the cultural heritage as well the modern architecture that you should visit in your tour to London.

Five Austin, Texas Tours That Get You Out Of The City

At first, the idea of Austin, Texas tours sound primarily like a very “touristy” thing to do that would not at all apply to residents of Austin, Texas. After all, if you make your life in the capital city of Texas, you figure you see what’s necessary for your life. You know where to get groceries, where you work, and a few places where you cut loose. You’re a part of the famed Texas Hill Country, and an afternoon drive will get you to some of the coolest little cities Texas has to offer.