World’s Strangest City 😱

World’s Strangest City 😱

Ahmedabad – The Manchester of India

Does Ahmedabad require the nickname ‘The Manchester of India’ any longer? Because apart from this rightful claim, it’s also a city that has the potential to grow further and further and become a mega-city because it’s already a metro and after Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay, Madras and Bangalore comes Ahmedabad in size, population, impact, location, among others. India’s best MBA institute is in Ahmedabad which conducts one of the toughest entrance exams in the academic world of not just India but across the globe.

Spring In Toronto, ON – Our Top 10 Things To See

When Toronto shakes off the chill of the winter and blossoms into what has become a fairly temperate spring over the years, there is really no better time to visit. Summer is often too crowded, while the fall isn’t quite as perfect of a climate, spring is the right mix of higher temps and off-peak tourism. This is our top 10 ways to spend a day in Toronto.

Jaipur – The Majestic Pink City of India

‘Visit Jaipur and you visit not just Rajasthan, you visit whole of India’…

An Introduction to Bowral Town – A High-Class Holiday Destination

Bowral, from its etymology meaning “high and large” is considered to be the largest town and is a giant hub for business in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. Recognised to be a renowned area of entertainment and Bowral events, many look up to it as a summer getaway retreat for the well-born, social-elite class from Sydney.

From Tourist Attraction to an Employment Hub – How Australia Became an Immigrant-Favorite Nation

Have you ever wondered, Australia, which was once known for tourism now gained popularity for permanent stay. People, especially skilled professionals are leaving their home country attracted by Australia’s development and opportunities it has in store. This piece of content highlights several aspects that make Australia a place to be called a Perfect Home.